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Synthetic Fibers


Polyester  fibers  are extremely  strong and durable -  resistant  to most chemicals, stretching and shrinking, and wrinkle resistant.  Polyester is hydrophobic in nature  and  quick drying.  It can be used  for insulation by  manufacturing  hollow fibers.   Polyester retains its shape  and hence  is good for making  outdoor clothing for harsh climates.  It is also easily washed and dried.

Yarn cake, Light blue thick yarn, braide


Space dyeing is a technique used to give yarn a unique, multi-colored effect using two or more different colors that typically repeat themselves throughout the length of the strand.


Polypropylene products are able to give good bulk and cover, are abrasion resistant, colorfast, and quick drying.   Polypropylene has low static, is resistant to deterioration from chemicals, mildew, perspiration, rot and weather, is stain and soil resistant, and sunlight resistant.   Polypropylene garments  wick body moisture  from the skin,  are very comfortable, and very lightweight.
Polypropylene is   used  in  apparel  (Activewear  and sportswear,   socks,  thermal underwear, lining fabrics).

polypropylene and polyethylene are movin

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