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Carolina Mills Inc. has been a leader in the textile industry for US and global markets for more than 90 years.  The company was established in 1928 in Maiden, North Carolina, where it remains headquartered today.

Carolina Mills has enjoyed a successful history in yarn manufacturing, sales and distribution for both domestic and international markets.  During our 90+ years of business, Carolina Mills has grown from a commodity based business to a diverse product line of specialty and innovative spun yarn options.

Today Carolina Mills remains committed in our mission to provide the highest quality yarns for the global market with proven expertise in specialty spinning and innovative high-technology products.  Carolina Mills is now producing in Asia with partners that will assist in our commitment to quality and excellence for our customers.  Our domestic production meets all NAFTA and DR-CAFTA requirements.  

The company’s manufacturing expertise, superior quality products and customer service, and distribution capabilities make Carolina Mills a demonstrated leader in the industry today.  

Branch of ripe cotton on the cotton fiel


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